HEED Language Centre (HLC).

HEED Language Centre (HLC) is a self-supported entity of HEED Bangladesh. HEED is the mother organization, which stands for Health, Education and Economic Development. HEED has continued its work throughout Bangladesh assisting the poor and less-fortunate according to priority and need.


The organization was founded just after the liberation from Pakistan in 1971. Immediately after the war, many overseas workers (aid workers. missionaries, and diplomats) came to Bangladesh to work with the people to help them overcome the devastation that had occurred during the war. These workers faced tremendous, problem in communicating with the people at the grass root level. However, recognizing the problem, the HEED management came up with a solution by establishing a Bangla language-teaching center. Since then HLC has continued to serve the international community in Bangladesh with high quality language teaching.


It was quite difficult to establish a program like Bangla language teaching. However, over the years this has been made possible with the help received from many language experts, and HLC is very grateful to them for their invaluable contributions.


In response to the changing needs of students, HLC, with experienced and qualified teachers, has launched some new and attractive programs for Bangla learners.